Monday, November 4, 2013

Santa Puke & Free Birds.

Do you know? It is NOVEMBER 4th? 
There isn't a sign of "Fall" or "Halloween" anywhere.
Fucking Christmas. Like Santa, just came and blew chunks everywhere.
Neighbors are putting up fucking lights? lights? yes, lights!!! 
Christ on a Cracker!!! Literally, i don't even want to go anywhere this is madness.
Everyone's all Happy Holidays. BITCH!! ITS NOVEMBER 4TH!!! 
I am so over this. Already, my Parents whom are divorced, and my husbands parents whom are divorced, calling and trying to get in first on dates? or "When are you coming here, or are you going there this holiday?" No. Fuck it. I QUIT. i'm not going anywhere or doing shit this year. i'm staying home. Why? Why should i have to travel to celebrate one day 4 different times? thats crazy talk. we've been doing it all these years and this year i'm done. nope you can't make me. i don't want to, and i won't. 

Okay, so the movie FREE BIRDS coming out??
Why would they put that out right before thanksgiving?
knowing a million & 1 kids will watch that, then when you sit down to the nice little turkey dinner, BAM! CHILD EXPLOSION. they freak the fuck out because they are eating FREE BIRDS. Good Job movie makers. good job.

That's all the nonsense for now.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

i want to write.

i want to be able to write like i used to.
but i just can't i've over 7 drafts on here. i seriously have writers block.
i can't even find a way to write about my life as i used to keep and online "diary"
my thoughts are gone, maybe because i've been sick, and stressed as well as over worked here since the move.
i just can't find it. i have lost my UMPH.
i've even changed my page name, just to flare things up a bit. still nothing.
my every day life is seriously comical, but can i find a way to put it into words instead of shitty text messages to everyone i know? no!

this sucks shit.
big piles of shit. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Catfish, boxes & Booze.

I am overly exhausted. I'm re-thinking over and over again going back to alcoholism. 
Seriously when I was a drunk I didn't need sleep..
You all should know its a joke well sort of. 
I know I haven't written unlike 2 billion years it seems, but these last few weeks have been testing everything in me. Including faith. 

So I suppose I'll take it from the top. & I'm sorry I'm not as funny, this is serious shit and I need some way to get it out. If you don't want to read, the chance to leave this page is now. 

Driving: driving was going awesome, although I was attacked by a homeless guy, and then in a wreck within 30 minutes of that. So I shook that off, then had problems with pay checks. Thennnnn a few short days later my truck BLOWS UP. Like ka-put it no drivee no mores. 
So I continued home to put my middle turd in school. So I stayed here and did all that, the next Friday my dad got into a wreck.. After that, my dads new semi-blows up. And the other semi blows out too. Out of 4 working trucks. All 4 were down. 

Thennnnn this last week, a lady contacts me looking to meet and get to know me because she was once married to my biological father whom I've never met. Oh and SURPRISE YOU HAVE A LITTLE BROTHER. He's 5. I'm the oldest of 10 children from this man. Thanks a lot you piece of shit. 

Also; my dads wife was pregnant with an embryo on the 30th of July, she's now 5 months pregnant? Her ultrasound was embryo now she went to doctor a few days ago she's 5 months but the baby isn't even a fetus?? What the fuck!!! Btw dad =mike=stepdad 
His whore =joy=whore 
Im not buying that teenage bull shit. Did I mention the bitch is younger than me? See my problem?? Grr

I was supposed to be in the new house already, but the guy had problems closing on his new house but he officially closed yesterday and I am not a Houston resident. Yay (-__-) I'm not as thrilled much anymore. But whatever's the money is great and my hubby is loving it. 

Today I got one of my dads drivers fired, I'm sick of his bullshit. You aren't going to call and fucking harass me.. Fuck you piece of shit. I'm having a bad week(s) I'm sorry I'm all over the place. But GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!   I can't catch a break. Supposed to be moving in the new house this weekend.. IF that happens ill be amazed. 

Moving on, I'm watching Catfish, and I just can't fathom some of these people and their relationships and shit.. Like how do you fall in love with someone you've never seen or heard their voice or even know if they are who they say they are?? 
dudes these boxes are every-fucking-where. Im so done with packing I want someone else to do it. 2 year old isnt cooperating. Who said he would right? Damnit. 

I need a daiquiri. Who's with me?? 

Friday, August 2, 2013

New job.

So, as Promised I'm going to update you folks. 
Folks? Idk. Whatever. I got a new job
Yes I am still going to do the work from home thing. 
BUT my dad drives for the oil fills, he has two 18 wheelers and two Pick-ups 
Well I happened to be so lucky to get the last pickup to drive tools from Houston to Oklahoma City. 
The parts I'll be hauling are prettttty expensive I'd say how much.. But there are crazies who might try and find me and kill me... Yeah, THAT MUCH. 
Anywhoooo I didn't expect to be starting right away, yesterday (Thursday) I left my place around 2:30 met up with my dad had dinner and then 4:30 this morning we went to Denny's and I drank my weight in water and Dr.Pepper then we proceeded to go on to his place of work. 
Where I filled out and application took a drug test and was told to be back Monday to start! Cool right? Makes me nervous, but I'm being paid ALOT of money to do this, plus my dad says ill be the only female and I won't have to do anything all the guys will do it for me. 

Now I know what your thinking, maybe? 
How am I going to just leave my family to do this? Well it's come down to "Whatever oats the bills" 
My husband will be down in Houston Next week, we are going to get our new home set up and then bring my children down. Until then, my mother in law will be keeping up with them. I'm not leaving for the rest of the year, just 2 weeks on, 2 days off until I get established. Which at any given time do I not want to do this anymore, my dad will understand that I couldn't// can't handle being away from my kids. Which I'm thinking it might be a nice little break, but I will miss their annoying Whiney asses. ;) 

With my husbands new job, my new job, and my at home business..  We should be doing pretty well. And I'm hoping that is the case. I haven't told my mother yet. She'll freak on me "how could you be so stupid?" She'll say, "I need the money" I'll say. "Fuck your dad he isn't trying to help anyone t himself" she'll say, and then ill say "la la la stfu mom I don't want to hear it!!!!!" And then our weekend together will be complete. We never get along. By the way, did I mention that? 
I am (had planned before the new exciting news) to meet my mom down there in Houston so she could see the kids before they start school. So I'm batting 1,000. No sleep in 2 days. I'm hoping to go to bed early tonight that way we can get up early to drive over. All of my things are packed for the new job. Ill be taking my iPad and mi-fi with me. So I won't lose touch!!! :) 

Wellllll I'm waiting on hubby to bring me McDonald's. and then I'm gonna be lazy and fart. Bahahaha. 

Goodnight guys

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blog Hop!! Tattler Thursday **Co-Hostess**

Hiiiii!!! I'm Christine; "Laptop, Leopard Blanket & Madness" I'm very new and am so excited to be co-hosting my first blog hop!! I'm looking to meet and interact with new//more crazy mommies :) thanks for your time:)

Hiya Snappers! Welcome back to the 12th week of the Tattler Thursday Blog and Social Network Hop!  I have some exciting announcements to make! I have decided to expand the Hop! There will two new hostesses joining me! I am so excited! Let me take a minute to introduce them to you, and then on to the Hop!

My childhood friend and bloggy BFF miss Cristyl who writes over at CHill Thoughts is one of your new hostesses. 

She is a mother of three, wife, and also raises chickens.   She writes about her life as a middle aged mother, life's adventures, and trying to figure it all out!  She is awesome! She has also been signed on with the blog hop since inception! She is my partner in crime and the best pal a girl could have!


Next up is my other new hostess with the mostess, Miss Joy.  She writes over at  ComfyTown Chronicles .

Comfytown Chronicles

She is Breaking Mom-ish. Weird kids, day drinking, cussing, binge eating and other things she won't go to meetings for. She's bringing COMFY back. She is hilarious and cracks me up on a daily basis!  She has also been signed on for quite awhile now!

I just adore both these wonderful ladies who crack me up and inspire me on a daily basis! Go give them some loving and say congratulations! Tell 'em I sent ya! Wink! Luvya ladies!


It's time to tattle and hop!
It's a share your crazy, gross, hilarious, in-the-trenches parenthood stories, kind of blog hop! We love funny kid stories and we want to hear yours!

Just leave a comment with your story, post not required! So think of your funniest, wackiest or favorite kid stories, leave a comment  with your story/tattle, follow your Hostesses and Co-Hostesses, visit and discover other blogs, and have fun!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Birthday Party, Waterfall, Sausage Toes & The Swat team.

Well, hiiii gang. (Can I even say that? Idk if anyone reads my nonsense?) 
So I want to let you know I will be updating as I go on my iPad so if I don't make sense I'm sorry it's a little strange to do it this way. Cause y'know my laptop shit it's guts out on me and it'll be some time before I get a new one. Not a lot of time probably within the next month-month & a half or so. After we move of coarse. So birthday party;;; 
Let me just say, it started out fucked up but it finished smoothly.
To start off; the lady called me (the place's party planner) and said to be at the location 45 mins before the party started so we could set up the party room. Well, I get there and they "overbooked" and we didn't get a room till 20 mins before the party was over. I was livid. So I drank quite a bit. It was delicious. They had a party planner, and she wanted me to tie K's balloons to a chair, and low and behold do they fly up to where they can't be reached. I blame this on the fact that I didn't have a party room when I was supposed to. Anyways, K got lots of gifts.. More shit yaaaay!! I got to play laser tag with the kids. Drunk at that. It was a fabulous time. :) 

Sunday; we went to the lake with my friend and her husband and spent the day on the pontoon. That's where the waterfall comes in.. 
I got super burnt, and then it was gone. I was trying to post a picture but it won't let me. Awesome!!!!! :D 

Sausage Toes & The SWAT team. 

So y'know if you are on my blog page on fb that I was fucking around with my laptop trying to figure out a way to re-vamp it. Well, someone knocks in the door and I'm not expecting anyone, except maybe my mother in law but she lives 2 doors down so it's not that big a deal I ran to the door real quick and my littlest monster followed.. I open the door and fucking guns are drawn on me and shit. I'm like what the fuck is this? "Ma'am let us ask the questions" come to find out they had the wrong address and thought some type of felon lived here because they were looking for 3001 and my address is 3281 and the 2 and 8 are missing. It took them an hour and a half for me to prove that I didn't know something Harris. I showed them my ID everything.. That's that part. Shortly after all that madness was done I was doing laundry and tripped over MJ (littlest monster) and slammed my food into the wall between my kitchen and laundry room and I have 2 broke toes.  The kids decided to fucking fight and cry all day yesterday and then K decided not to sleep so needless to say I have not slept yet. MJ was asleep last night and then K woke him up because she was mad I wouldn't sleep with her. What an asshole. So what do I do guys? I'm sleepy, I'm lightheaded as fuck. I'm annoyed.. Drinking?? Buahahaha it's too early.. Or is it? I guess I'm going to get out of here.. Ill try to post the pic of the waterfall.. Adios 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This & That. WE FOUND A HOUSE.

Great News!!!
My dad found us a rental property within our budget. 
It will be available September 1st.

With that being said; Middle Monster will have to start school here, and we will be separated from the husband for a month. 
I hate that i'm going to have to pull her out of school right after she starts but it's the only option right now, until hubby get's a few pay checks. Still, Me stressing and struggling trying to buy 2 different school supply lists for one kid, and then we add school clothing which i'm dreading because K (middle child) will be in 1st grade and it's all about presentation from what she's explained. Presentation i ask? in 1st grade? un-heard of. When i was in first grade all i cared about was food, and going home to play. clothes were not my strongest suit. i didn't really keep up with all the "hype" of labels. my parents had the means to do that for me i just wasn't the "style" type. really i'm still not that thrilled about "style" i have my moments where i dress up or can't find shit to match so i just buy what the Manichean is wearing!!  
I'm the "flip flops, t-shirt and jeans" type person or yoga and sweat pants. with PJ PANTS! i am all about comfortable. 
My daughter on the other hand is a diva and prefers to be "best dressed" 
Okay now that i've rambled completely off topic. 

The schools here start Aug 26. So, i send her to school until they do Labor Day Weekend Break? yes!! that's the plan so far. i'm going to call ASAP to get the Dish and Electric on there and just tell them we're moving the end of august and i need it on by then. if we don't have cable, or electric we'll have a HUGE problem. Texas heat isn't something to play with. so i might tell a small white lie about getting that power on ASAP. :D

see this picture? this is how overwhelmed i feel that my husband will be gone and it's up to me to pack this house. well his mom i'm sure will help but i'm kinda picky about people touching my things.
then we have this.. 
ahh, back to school isle in Wal-Mart eff that!!! 

Now, Down to business i haven't been taking my weight-loss supplement (which i sell if anyone is interested it's a few entries earlier) I really need to keep taking it because it helps with my energy levels. and like right now i could take a nap. We didn't wake up till almost 9! which is completely weird for my son. but hey whatever.

I enjoy working from home. it's pretty easy all i do is promote on trader sites and facebook and still make a paycheck. you guys if you are looking for something.. give it a try. :) 

Okay; guys. i have to get off here and lay down i feel like death. SO SLEEEEEPYYY.