Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Birthday Party, Waterfall, Sausage Toes & The Swat team.

Well, hiiii gang. (Can I even say that? Idk if anyone reads my nonsense?) 
So I want to let you know I will be updating as I go on my iPad so if I don't make sense I'm sorry it's a little strange to do it this way. Cause y'know my laptop shit it's guts out on me and it'll be some time before I get a new one. Not a lot of time probably within the next month-month & a half or so. After we move of coarse. So birthday party;;; 
Let me just say, it started out fucked up but it finished smoothly.
To start off; the lady called me (the place's party planner) and said to be at the location 45 mins before the party started so we could set up the party room. Well, I get there and they "overbooked" and we didn't get a room till 20 mins before the party was over. I was livid. So I drank quite a bit. It was delicious. They had a party planner, and she wanted me to tie K's balloons to a chair, and low and behold do they fly up to where they can't be reached. I blame this on the fact that I didn't have a party room when I was supposed to. Anyways, K got lots of gifts.. More shit yaaaay!! I got to play laser tag with the kids. Drunk at that. It was a fabulous time. :) 

Sunday; we went to the lake with my friend and her husband and spent the day on the pontoon. That's where the waterfall comes in.. 
I got super burnt, and then it was gone. I was trying to post a picture but it won't let me. Awesome!!!!! :D 

Sausage Toes & The SWAT team. 

So y'know if you are on my blog page on fb that I was fucking around with my laptop trying to figure out a way to re-vamp it. Well, someone knocks in the door and I'm not expecting anyone, except maybe my mother in law but she lives 2 doors down so it's not that big a deal I ran to the door real quick and my littlest monster followed.. I open the door and fucking guns are drawn on me and shit. I'm like what the fuck is this? "Ma'am let us ask the questions" come to find out they had the wrong address and thought some type of felon lived here because they were looking for 3001 and my address is 3281 and the 2 and 8 are missing. It took them an hour and a half for me to prove that I didn't know something Harris. I showed them my ID everything.. That's that part. Shortly after all that madness was done I was doing laundry and tripped over MJ (littlest monster) and slammed my food into the wall between my kitchen and laundry room and I have 2 broke toes.  The kids decided to fucking fight and cry all day yesterday and then K decided not to sleep so needless to say I have not slept yet. MJ was asleep last night and then K woke him up because she was mad I wouldn't sleep with her. What an asshole. So what do I do guys? I'm sleepy, I'm lightheaded as fuck. I'm annoyed.. Drinking?? Buahahaha it's too early.. Or is it? I guess I'm going to get out of here.. Ill try to post the pic of the waterfall.. Adios 

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