Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This & That. WE FOUND A HOUSE.

Great News!!!
My dad found us a rental property within our budget. 
It will be available September 1st.

With that being said; Middle Monster will have to start school here, and we will be separated from the husband for a month. 
I hate that i'm going to have to pull her out of school right after she starts but it's the only option right now, until hubby get's a few pay checks. Still, Me stressing and struggling trying to buy 2 different school supply lists for one kid, and then we add school clothing which i'm dreading because K (middle child) will be in 1st grade and it's all about presentation from what she's explained. Presentation i ask? in 1st grade? un-heard of. When i was in first grade all i cared about was food, and going home to play. clothes were not my strongest suit. i didn't really keep up with all the "hype" of labels. my parents had the means to do that for me i just wasn't the "style" type. really i'm still not that thrilled about "style" i have my moments where i dress up or can't find shit to match so i just buy what the Manichean is wearing!!  
I'm the "flip flops, t-shirt and jeans" type person or yoga and sweat pants. with PJ PANTS! i am all about comfortable. 
My daughter on the other hand is a diva and prefers to be "best dressed" 
Okay now that i've rambled completely off topic. 

The schools here start Aug 26. So, i send her to school until they do Labor Day Weekend Break? yes!! that's the plan so far. i'm going to call ASAP to get the Dish and Electric on there and just tell them we're moving the end of august and i need it on by then. if we don't have cable, or electric we'll have a HUGE problem. Texas heat isn't something to play with. so i might tell a small white lie about getting that power on ASAP. :D

see this picture? this is how overwhelmed i feel that my husband will be gone and it's up to me to pack this house. well his mom i'm sure will help but i'm kinda picky about people touching my things.
then we have this.. 
ahh, back to school isle in Wal-Mart eff that!!! 

Now, Down to business i haven't been taking my weight-loss supplement (which i sell if anyone is interested it's a few entries earlier) I really need to keep taking it because it helps with my energy levels. and like right now i could take a nap. We didn't wake up till almost 9! which is completely weird for my son. but hey whatever.

I enjoy working from home. it's pretty easy all i do is promote on trader sites and facebook and still make a paycheck. you guys if you are looking for something.. give it a try. :)

Okay; guys. i have to get off here and lay down i feel like death. SO SLEEEEEPYYY. 

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