Friday, August 2, 2013

New job.

So, as Promised I'm going to update you folks. 
Folks? Idk. Whatever. I got a new job
Yes I am still going to do the work from home thing. 
BUT my dad drives for the oil fills, he has two 18 wheelers and two Pick-ups 
Well I happened to be so lucky to get the last pickup to drive tools from Houston to Oklahoma City. 
The parts I'll be hauling are prettttty expensive I'd say how much.. But there are crazies who might try and find me and kill me... Yeah, THAT MUCH. 
Anywhoooo I didn't expect to be starting right away, yesterday (Thursday) I left my place around 2:30 met up with my dad had dinner and then 4:30 this morning we went to Denny's and I drank my weight in water and Dr.Pepper then we proceeded to go on to his place of work. 
Where I filled out and application took a drug test and was told to be back Monday to start! Cool right? Makes me nervous, but I'm being paid ALOT of money to do this, plus my dad says ill be the only female and I won't have to do anything all the guys will do it for me. 

Now I know what your thinking, maybe? 
How am I going to just leave my family to do this? Well it's come down to "Whatever oats the bills" 
My husband will be down in Houston Next week, we are going to get our new home set up and then bring my children down. Until then, my mother in law will be keeping up with them. I'm not leaving for the rest of the year, just 2 weeks on, 2 days off until I get established. Which at any given time do I not want to do this anymore, my dad will understand that I couldn't// can't handle being away from my kids. Which I'm thinking it might be a nice little break, but I will miss their annoying Whiney asses. ;) 

With my husbands new job, my new job, and my at home business..  We should be doing pretty well. And I'm hoping that is the case. I haven't told my mother yet. She'll freak on me "how could you be so stupid?" She'll say, "I need the money" I'll say. "Fuck your dad he isn't trying to help anyone t himself" she'll say, and then ill say "la la la stfu mom I don't want to hear it!!!!!" And then our weekend together will be complete. We never get along. By the way, did I mention that? 
I am (had planned before the new exciting news) to meet my mom down there in Houston so she could see the kids before they start school. So I'm batting 1,000. No sleep in 2 days. I'm hoping to go to bed early tonight that way we can get up early to drive over. All of my things are packed for the new job. Ill be taking my iPad and mi-fi with me. So I won't lose touch!!! :) 

Wellllll I'm waiting on hubby to bring me McDonald's. and then I'm gonna be lazy and fart. Bahahaha. 

Goodnight guys

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