Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Catfish, boxes & Booze.

I am overly exhausted. I'm re-thinking over and over again going back to alcoholism. 
Seriously when I was a drunk I didn't need sleep..
You all should know its a joke well sort of. 
I know I haven't written unlike 2 billion years it seems, but these last few weeks have been testing everything in me. Including faith. 

So I suppose I'll take it from the top. & I'm sorry I'm not as funny, this is serious shit and I need some way to get it out. If you don't want to read, the chance to leave this page is now. 

Driving: driving was going awesome, although I was attacked by a homeless guy, and then in a wreck within 30 minutes of that. So I shook that off, then had problems with pay checks. Thennnnn a few short days later my truck BLOWS UP. Like ka-put it no drivee no mores. 
So I continued home to put my middle turd in school. So I stayed here and did all that, the next Friday my dad got into a wreck.. After that, my dads new semi-blows up. And the other semi blows out too. Out of 4 working trucks. All 4 were down. 

Thennnnn this last week, a lady contacts me looking to meet and get to know me because she was once married to my biological father whom I've never met. Oh and SURPRISE YOU HAVE A LITTLE BROTHER. He's 5. I'm the oldest of 10 children from this man. Thanks a lot you piece of shit. 

Also; my dads wife was pregnant with an embryo on the 30th of July, she's now 5 months pregnant? Her ultrasound was embryo now she went to doctor a few days ago she's 5 months but the baby isn't even a fetus?? What the fuck!!! Btw dad =mike=stepdad 
His whore =joy=whore 
Im not buying that teenage bull shit. Did I mention the bitch is younger than me? See my problem?? Grr

I was supposed to be in the new house already, but the guy had problems closing on his new house but he officially closed yesterday and I am not a Houston resident. Yay (-__-) I'm not as thrilled much anymore. But whatever's the money is great and my hubby is loving it. 

Today I got one of my dads drivers fired, I'm sick of his bullshit. You aren't going to call and fucking harass me.. Fuck you piece of shit. I'm having a bad week(s) I'm sorry I'm all over the place. But GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!   I can't catch a break. Supposed to be moving in the new house this weekend.. IF that happens ill be amazed. 

Moving on, I'm watching Catfish, and I just can't fathom some of these people and their relationships and shit.. Like how do you fall in love with someone you've never seen or heard their voice or even know if they are who they say they are?? 
dudes these boxes are every-fucking-where. Im so done with packing I want someone else to do it. 2 year old isnt cooperating. Who said he would right? Damnit. 

I need a daiquiri. Who's with me?? 

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