Monday, November 4, 2013

Santa Puke & Free Birds.

Do you know? It is NOVEMBER 4th? 
There isn't a sign of "Fall" or "Halloween" anywhere.
Fucking Christmas. Like Santa, just came and blew chunks everywhere.
Neighbors are putting up fucking lights? lights? yes, lights!!! 
Christ on a Cracker!!! Literally, i don't even want to go anywhere this is madness.
Everyone's all Happy Holidays. BITCH!! ITS NOVEMBER 4TH!!! 
I am so over this. Already, my Parents whom are divorced, and my husbands parents whom are divorced, calling and trying to get in first on dates? or "When are you coming here, or are you going there this holiday?" No. Fuck it. I QUIT. i'm not going anywhere or doing shit this year. i'm staying home. Why? Why should i have to travel to celebrate one day 4 different times? thats crazy talk. we've been doing it all these years and this year i'm done. nope you can't make me. i don't want to, and i won't. 

Okay, so the movie FREE BIRDS coming out??
Why would they put that out right before thanksgiving?
knowing a million & 1 kids will watch that, then when you sit down to the nice little turkey dinner, BAM! CHILD EXPLOSION. they freak the fuck out because they are eating FREE BIRDS. Good Job movie makers. good job.

That's all the nonsense for now.

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