Monday, July 22, 2013

Sneaky Little Bastard.

The trip to Houston was...Interesting to say the least. 
Depression came up and bit me in the ass. I cried over everything starting Saturday.
Husband and I yelling back and forth about directions to houses, and i just start crying like a little 2 year old girl. I dried it up & we proceeded to go to the Races that night, where we had a blast watching cars go around in a huge circle, drinking beer and food that will probably kill us. Went back to the friends house that we stayed with and didn't end up heading to bed till about 12;00 then 12;15 my son wakes up screaming bloody murder as if something or someone is hurting him. this lasted oh i don't know maybe 1 hour before i couldn't deal with it any more so i demanded we take him to the hospital. found out he had super gas, he wouldn't stretch out. we got him cured, got back to the house at 4;30. We slept until 7. then we had breakfast and all, and i was so tired i just wanted to go home. after breakfast i just started crying again (fuck you depression) because i am totally stressed about this stupid move. yes, it's stupid and i'm being an asshole this move is the best opportunity for all of us, i'm not ready to see that yet because i want things to happen NOW.
Anyhow, when we left houston, the baby monster and i slept most of the 3 hour trip back. I couldn't keep awake i made sure hubby got out of the traffic and then i zonked. 

I don't know how many other people in this world have depression or Bi-Polar disorder.
I've taken medicines, but the problem is they are obviously too strong i zonk when i take them, i have no reaction to anything, husband says i don't have any facial expressions just a blank zombie. I eat, and eat and eat, oh and sleep when i take my medicine. plus it makes me irritated at the slightest things.
You guys, This is serious. Some people can't help it. I'm one of them i'll go on fine for days, weeks or maybe months and then BAM that Sneaky Little Bastard pops in and fucks everything up. 
I can't stand the thought of being away from my husband. The friends have offered for our family to stay with their family, that's a wonderful offer. but i just don't feel comfortable with the whole 2 families under 1 roof. Husband and i have done that before and it usually ruins relationships or friendships. So i suppose i'll decline. 
This morning my mother called to talk about her and my oldest monster being in Gulfport Mississippi. I wasn't in the mood. So my mom wanted to ask questions about the move, and i just declined being rude and told her "Okay mom, i love you i'll talk to you later bye" and she said that was rude, so then I raised my voice.  I have explained to her over 1,000 times about the situation. She just isn't comprehending. So now i feel like an asshole. DAMNIT.
Okay i guess i am done wasting everyones time. i'm going to cuddle my leopard Blanket. :)

Friday, July 19, 2013



They are hideous creatures. BUT i am being one today..
I need to pack, clean up. eat. y'know normal things that people do before they take a trip somewhere.
yeah, i'm not doing them instead i'm screwing around on Facebook. OMG that's funny. Facebook.. I'm cheating on you! ha.
The good news is, hubby just called and has sold a 7 day trial to a co-worker of the Weight-loss that i sell from home. it's amazing. Every little bit helps. So, i just checked on the littlest monster and hes sitting on his changing table naked as the day he was born, diaper thrown across the room watching the wild thornberrys. so glad he's decided to become a nudist. NOT.
This is my every day life people. what the hell? things like this only happen to me? right?
Everything is normal? right guys? right?
Just talked to my dad, who i haven't seen since i wrecked my car gonna meet up with him in Houston so he can see my son. maybe he wants to see me. doubt it though. i'm old news now that i have kids. no one loves me. me oh my. poor pitiful chrisie. HA. I'm kinda glad i'm no longer the center of attention that means people's opinions are irrelevant because i'm practically non-existent. I know i'm just wasting time writing this. I DONT WANT TO CLEAN. OR PACK. Help? anyone want to fly over and help a sister out? come on.. texas is nice... ;)
Okay.. i'm leaving now. i'm going to finish boy meets world and try and detach my leopard blanky. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat.

Okay, So.. I haven't kept up. DAMN IT.
I'm trying i really am. 10's of thousands of things have happened since i last wrote.
Believe That.
So I guess i could take it from the top??

friends husband was buried.
beautiful ceremony and service.
my son finally turned 2. and boy does it show.
my dad got married to his Philippino whore.
the husband got a job offer in which we went to see about in a weekend, got hired and we are moving to Houston before the first of August.

My daughter is still in Missouri with her grandmother.
her birthday is end of July, i finally got the party paid completely off.
last night the husband and i did shopping for her presents. $208.76 later and all her presents from us are purchased. one of which, will not be wrapped she got all new sheets and blankets so we're going to make her bed for when she comes home. GOD DAMN YOU MONSTER HIGH.
last year we had everything hello kitty. before that it was minnie mouse, before that it was tinker bell. disney princess, spongebob.. so needless to say if anyone needs any character anything, my house would be the one to go to! 
i'm going to participate in a few things here coming up to get my blog to perhaps maybe be read. we'll see. Wishful fucking thinking Chrisie.. 
AS i drink my monster and my son screams bloody murder because i refuse to give into his tantrums... the kardashians are fighting on tv. i feel like i'm part of the drama, it's one of those older episodes you know. i've kept up with them this long i might as well be part of the family, although i don't have their money nor' the ass that runs in the family maybe i could be adopted? i wish. i want a $500,000 home. ehh.. i'm happy with my life. i just want money.
"fish gotta swim birds gotta eat" 
maybe just my family has to eat, i don't know.. they want to all the time. i practically live in my kitchen maybe i should just put a fucking cot in the pantry, so when someone hollers for food i can build a little workshop like an elf and an automatic window that just serves them like a moving food belt. yeah.... that could work. now to find the patience and ingenuity. 
well crap. squash that. i'm gonna finish my monster and fight with my sisters y'know. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe.. :)

Monday, June 24, 2013


This is going to be short and sweet.
i am going through way too much right now.
Thursday afternoon my best friend called hysterical, so i went to her.
her husband was missing and last seen fishing, after a search party and scuba divers.
they found her husbands body, we're doing funeral and all this week so i'm pretty busy.
the horrible part is my husband is tore up because that was his best friend.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I HAVE to work. so i'll give this a shot.

What Can Plexus Do For You?
It isn’t a secret that being overweight has become a worldwide epidemic. In addition to normal concerns of clothes not fitting, lack of energy, and low self-esteem, being overweight can lead to dramatic increases in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, arthritis, and depression.

Consider the following:

8 out of 10 Americans over the age of 25 are overweight
174 million Americans are overweight or obese
The worldwide number is expected to double by 2030
25.8 million children and adults in the United States—8.3% of the population—have diabetes
Source: Centers for Disease Control

If you’re like millions of others, you’ve probably tried this diet or that pill—but you never got the results you wanted. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control reports that 95% of all diets and weight loss programs fail!

Finally there is an all-natural, healthy solution to help you lose weight. The synergistic effect of Plexus Slim and Accelerator taken together can help you lose more weight—faster than you ever thought possible. Experience quick results and keep the weight off. People around the country are experiencing amazing results—and you can too!

I work from home.
I make money. for instance, my daughter's $350.00 bowling/lasertag birthday party was paid for yesterday and i've only been selling since June 1st.
I personally take the slim and accelerator. give it a look, try a product. try a 3 day and tell me how you like it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE IT A CHANCE.

now that i'm done grovelling i'm going to proceed with me day.

Alcoholic Toddler

This is pretty hilarious.
I'm in the living room answering e-mails & such and the Toddler is in the kitchen. i figured he was just sitting at his little table eating his breakfast. I hear a "thud" and i look and he's sitting in the refrigerator trying to figure out how to open a Bud Light Beer-rita, i asked what he was doing, he just smiles and says "drink" one of two things is happening here, either i drink way to much, (which isn't possible) or, Toddler had a pretty rough night & to fix it he just needs to drink more? lmao. I honestly can't blame the kid, i slept for shit last night. and well... i know he was up a few times because i was up with him. SO maybe we both need a Beer-Rita for breakfast. lol i'll stick with my Dr Pepper and Fudge Round and he can have his Cheerios. maybe a beer after lunch. JK
I guess that's all i got so far...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

babies have FINGERNAILS

I highly doubt anyone is reading my nonsense.
but as i'm having a touch of "baby fever" while my toddler pounces all over the bed and throws his toy truck nearly at my face, some how the "fever" slips into the "do not enter abyss." The Title; I'm watching Juno.
Today was pretty accomplishing. 
I got the supplies i lacked for my Prince's Birthday Party.
& i put the deposit down and made invites for Baby Girl's party end of July.

here's a question i often ponder.
WHY THE FUCK do i let this shit stress me out?
THEY ARE KIDS!!!!!! they don't give a shit about parties and presents and little details that i stress over, they don't care about the goody bags or  about the table toppers.
I take that back. Baby Girl does, she's going on 6 and everything matters to her right now.
then Princess, well she's high maintenance as it is, so i'm sure everything matters just as much.
on the other hand, Prince will be 2. he is awesome cause he doesn't even know what the hell is going on. thats what makes me happy lol.

i guess i'll go. i'm babbling on anyway.